Freestyle Ikebana

Freestyle Ikebana


Larry Tonogan
Wednesday, 1 day
Session 4 (#1496): 
December 28 / 5:00 – 7:00 pm
Students will learn basic concepts of the Japanese style of flower arranging in a shallow dish. The class will practice manipulating various types of plants or flowers and learn ways to enhance their arrangements using proportion, texture, and color. Larry will provide flowers for students and teach a new arrangement each session; join us for one class or take them all! 

Tuition: $20 ($25 nonmember)
Supply Fee: $10

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Supply List
-Suiban-Shallow dish (2’’ deep).  Recommend at least 9”x13” or 12” diameter.   Practice containers:  Costco Caesar heavy plastic salad dish will work.  Any deep baking dish minimum 2” deep.  Ceramic suibans may be used if you have them.
-Kenzan-Pin frog (3” -3.25”dia.).  Brass, stainless steel recommended.
-Branch/hard stem cutter (pruner)
-Sharp tip scissors to trim leaves
-An uncluttered mind

-Container for water to transport your arrangement home.  I suggest a 5-gallon bucket.
-Shallow container suitable for cutting branches in.  I use an old flat Tupperware
-Tweezers (for removing pollen). 
-30ga florist wire.
-¼” florist tape. 
-Newspaper or table cloth to contain cut pieces and water.
-Notebook or binder to hold notes and photos.
-Camera to take a photo of your masterpiece