Introduction to Landscape Painting in Oil #1438

Introduction to Landscape Painting in Oil #1438


Terry Lopez
Fridays, 4 weeks
October 7 – 28 / 9:00 am – 2:00 pm

This class is designed to get you outside and experiencing the joy of landscape painting en plein air! After an introductory lesson on transparent and opaque oil paint, color intensity, toned grounds, and basic color theory as it relates to landscape, students will paint on the grounds of Hui No‘eau. For the second class, students will paint at a local beach (location TBA) and learn to paint and practice ocean elements of water, sand, and rocks. For the last two classes, students will paint a city or urban landscape in an Upcountry area or an open vista looking down Haleakala. This class will provide a fun and informative atmosphere for anyone who wants to learn to paint outdoors. Prerequisite: Beginning Oil Painting or equivalent experience

Tuition: $195 ($244 nonmember)

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Supply List:

Portable Easel: This is an outdoor painting class that requires students to have a portable easel and painting setup of their own.  There are various portable easels that can be purchased at an art supply store or online. Please try to purchase an easel for ease of use and that you are able to stand in front of to paint. Gorilla brand or EZL makes an interesting setup, as well as many of the popular French easels, either half or full size.  This is purely your preference; please keep in mind weight and portability. You must have an easel with a place to put your palette.

**You can rent an easel from Hui No‘eau for $10. Please contact our Registrar at (808) 572-6560 ext. 21 tor reserve one!

Painting Box or Bag:  Again this is your preference-- and keep in mind ease of use as well as weight.

Oil Colors:

Alizerin Crimson                           

Cadmium Red (Med or Light)

Cerulean Blue Hue

Ultramarine Blue

Sap Green

Cinnabar Green Light (Rembrant brand)

Cadmium Yellow med

Naples Yellow Light

Cadmium Orange

Transparent Iron Oxide Yellow or Red by Gamblin or Graham                          

Dioxazine Purple

Manganese Violet

Burnt Umber

Payne’s Grey

Titanium White-larger size           

Brushes:  Various sizes of hog hair. Sizes 6-12. Atleast one round and one/two flats or filberts

Supports:  Primed wood panels, or canvas board or primed small canvas—8x8 up to 12x16—again your choice—have up to two prepared for each day, although you might only paint on one

Mediums:  Linseed or Stand oil (again your preference) with small non-breakable container and/or small bottle Liquin

Solvent:  Turpenoid or Gamsol in a metal container with lid.

Painting Pallet, either paper or tempered glass

Viva paper towels, place for trash

Please bring water with lid and bag lunch