Introduction to PMC in Copper (and More!) — Level 1 #1491

Introduction to PMC in Copper (and More!) — Level 1 #1491


Roberta Ann Weisenburg
Mondays, 6 weeks
November 14 – December 19 / 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Precious Metal Clay (PMC) is a type of clay made up of microscopic particles of real metal, water, and a binder. The clay can be shaped with tools or even using just your hands! After creating your piece in clay, you’ll fire it and the water and binder will burn away, leaving you with a piece of real metal. This more in-depth introductory class allows students to experiment with the basics of PMC using copper clay, which is a more economical material. Students will also have the opportunity to purchase their own silver PMC. Participants will learn how to properly handle and store clay, how to roll out and texturize it using rubber stamps or found objects, and how to construct flat and dimensional pieces. You’ll be amazed by the possibilities of this medium!

Tuition: $210 ($263 nonmember)
Supply Fee: $50

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