iPhone Photography: From Here to Infinity—Level 1+

iPhone Photography: From Here to Infinity—Level 1+


Edward Baldwin
Saturday & Sunday, 2 days
February 11 & 12 / 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

iPhone cameras have become the “go to“ camera for many people and they deliver wonderful images….most of the time. What about those times that just don’t work? Photography apps for the iPhone are continuing to become more powerful, adding to the complexity of choices. This class will simplify your options and guide you through a step-by-step description of key variables. You’ll leave class with detailed notes and an iPhone that is all set up for success! Edward will help you understand the full potential of your iPhone camera app with a “live view” projection unit of his iPhone screen and simple hands-on examples. Participants will also learn to conquer just about any photographic challenge with the powerful ProCamera app. Students will then work with the comprehensive Snapseed app and learn image processing that will bring a creative element into the mix. Edward will provide tips for saving, printing, and sharing in social media along with a preview of numerous other photographic apps that he uses. By joining in this class, you’ll create high-resolution images that allow a powerful range of adjustments at the tip of your finger! Note: Please download ProCamera and Snapseed apps before class. Also, please make sure you have the latest iOS (operating system) on your phone.

Tuition: $75 ($94 nonmember)

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Supply List: Please download ProCamera and Snapseed Apps before class.