Tropical Flowers in Luminous Watercolor #1442

Tropical Flowers in Luminous Watercolor #1442


Kathleen Alexander
Saturday & Sunday, 2 days
November 5 & 6
9:00 am – 4:00 pm

In this intermediate/advanced watercolor class, Kathleen will lead students through the process of creating depth and realism in a watercolor painting of tropical flowers. The class will discuss how to choose a photo reference, use Adobe Photoshop/Photoshop Elements to create your composition, glaze and layer colors, and create a beautiful background. Prerequisite: previous watercolor painting experience

Tuition: $155 ($194 nonmember) 

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Supply List
-Cobalt blue
-Permanent Rose
-Winsor violet, or carbazole violet (Daniel Smith) or Dioxazine violet (it doesn’t matter which) 
-New gamboge (Daniel Smith) 
-Sap green
-Quinacridone gold
-Quinacridone purple (Daniel Smith) 

-¼ sheet of 300 lb. cold press Fabriano Artistico watercolor paper or equivalent size block (aprox. 11x15”). Kathleen prefers this over Arches, but if you have Arches, that’s okay
-piece of scratch watercolor paper to test brush
-tracing paper 11x15” (I like Canson)
-3B pencil (no substitutions please), and red pencil
-San Francisco Slant or Richeson 20 well tray Palette (available at a lot of arts & crafts stores, and at catalog # 03068-1020 $3.04
-Two water containers
-Old wash cloths
-Drafting or artist’s tape

-Watercolor rounds sizes 4-12 (bring as many of each as you have) 
The next two are important: 
-Flat ½” wash brush Blick catalog# 05094-4012
-Princeton Catalyst size 10 short handled round, Blick catalog# 09145-1010T