Dalani Tanahy

Visiting Artist

Dalani Tanahy is a native of San Diego, California with maternal roots from Waikapu, Maui. A lifelong artist in many media, she was drawn to kapa making over 15 years ago and stayed with it because of its diversity and rareness. Dalani’s favorite kapa to make are the ones people will use, whether a pa‘u to wear for a wedding, a baby’s blanket, or burial kapa. She is known for making soft and pliable kapa. With kapa education always being at the forefront of her work, she enjoys teaching students about the ingenuity, patience, and artistry of not only Hawaiians, but all of our ancestors who respected and worked with the ‘aina. Dalani’s work was recently featured in Mohala Hou Ke Kapa / Kapa Blossoms Anew—an exhibition at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center. 

Sarah MoonDalani Tanahy