Larry Tonogan

Larry Tonogan was born and raised on Oahu but lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for the past 30 years. He returned to Hawaii three years ago, but choosing to retire on Maui. Educated at the University of Hawaii Architectural program, Larry ended up in the engineering field in California. He minored in Art at UH dabbling in architectural renderings and life drawings. While living in California, Larry studied for two years with a Sensei from Japan on the art of Ikebana at the California Flower Art Academy. Larry is not a certified Ikebana instructor, but is allowed to share his knowledge. Sharing knowledge is one of the key concepts of Ikebana. For the past six years, Larry has been giving classes to students of all ages, in freestyle flower arranging. Freestyle arranging is not affiliated with any specific school of Ikebana but follows all the main concepts. The intent is to teach students how to manipulate plant material and arrange them in a simple yet elegant way using readily available sources. Students would not be able to enter an arrangement in an Ikebana exhibition. Larry is also the founder of the Haiku Flower Art Association (HFAA). HFAA is a non-profit organization with the goal of sharing resources and knowledge of flower arranging within its membership.

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