Artist in Residence opportunities at the Hui are typically offered annually or biennially with significant planning required in advance and a more extensive application process. Please contact us to inquire about this opportunity. If you are interested in visiting and teaching for a shorter term, we invite you to apply to become a Hui Visiting Artist. Please complete the Teaching Artist Application.

Upcoming 2016

James Bailey

Recent Past Artists in Residence

2007 - Swoon
2008 - Mike Houston & Martin Mazorra
2009 - Leela Corman & Tom Hart
2010 - Favianna Rodriguez & Orlando Reyes
2011 - Patrick Dougherty
2012 — Shira Walinsky, Eric Okdeh, David Goldberg


Emilie Clark/ Lytle Shaw
Max Gimblett
Nicola Lopez
Sandow Birk
Brad Brown
Enrique Chagoya
Timothy Cummings
Katsura Funakoshi
Don Ed Hardy
Joyce Kozloff
Robert Kushner
Kara Maria
Lothar Osterburg
Judy Pfaff
Artemio Rodriguez