Student Salon

May 6, 2011Hui No‘eau proudly presents the Student Salon, a biennial multi-media exhibition of student artwork alongside the work of their teachers. Juried by the Hui's core faculty — teaching artists representing a wide range of artistic media — the pieces selected best represent the technical skills and overall spirit of the students' classes and workshops over the past two years. Some of these artists have never before exhibited in a public venue, while others have shown regularly for over thirty years — a fitting demonstration of the Hui's mission to support lifelong education in visual arts. “Gwen Arkin’s classes have had a major impact on the direction of my artwork these days,” remarked one student with work selected for the exhibition, “What a rare and valuable opportunity to learn about and continue to practice these almost forgotten photography techniques. I am grateful to Gwen and the Hui for allowing students and artists to revisit and re-examine the darkroom.”—Arlene Taus Salomon

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