February 2, 2015 — CALL TO ARTISTS!

The prospectus & entry forms for the Hui 10 x 10 exhibition are now online at! Get ready for a really fun, engaging, visual art challenge!

This exhibition challenges artists and imaginative thinkers to create 2D and 3D works of art within a defined space. This exhibition has no creative limitations outside the 10”x10” (x10”) format. The artful installation of these pieces will give viewers an opportunity to identify and discover fascinating links between seemingly disconnected works. Throughout 10 weeks, the gallery space will continue to transform and shift as we reinstall pieces in new and interesting ways! Viewers will also have a chance to engage with the exhibition via a surprise interactive component. Join us in celebrating the power of creating art as a community!

**IMPORTANT: All entries must EXACTLY fit the dimensions of 10” x 10” for 2D works. 3D works must have a foundation or base of 10” x 10” and a depth that may be less than 10”, but does not exceed 10”. 2D works and the foundations for 3D works must be no smaller and no larger than 10” x 10” including frames. For example, a painting including its frame must be exactly 10” x 10.” Works that do not meet this requirement will automatically be disqualified. For 3D works, we encourage and challenge artists to create works on panels that can be hung on a wall, rather than pieces that sit on the floor.

To help artists meet the exact size requirement and avoid an automatic disqualification, we highly recommend that participants purchase pre-sized boards from the Hui and leave these boards unframed. A variety of 10” x 10” boards are for sale at the Hui for $5 per board.

We are thrilled to welcome Gabrielle Anderman and Tim Garcia to select works for this exhibition.

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