Darrell Orwig Retrospective & Spring Art Camp

March 31, 2011In March, we were honored to reunite with former Kaluanui caretaker and revered Maui artist Darrel Orwig in celebration of a retrospective of his work: Waltzing with Time and Place. Fellow artist George Allan remarked, "Darrell is full of surprises; that's what really amazes me. (His paintings) are brilliantly composed, and he has such wonderful vision. He paints and lets you make up your own story about things. It's always a surprise." The retrospective offered the community an exhilarating opportunity to see the scope of his work from 1970—the present, and his unique perspective on life. Later in March, nearly 50 creative keiki participated in our spring break art camp program: Camp Kaluanui, featuring hands-on experiences in printmaking, painting & drawing, digital media, sculpture, theater arts and more based on weekly themes: Spirited Away: Magical Masks, Dragons and More!; Buggin' Out: Creepy Crawlies Gone Wild!; Raiders of the Lost Artifact: Extraordinary Art Expeditions!

More info: An Interview with Darrell Orwig at On Maui! Magazine, Darrell Orwig video by Spencer Hyde on VIMEO (copy & paste this link into your browser to view this video: http://vimeo.com/25431813), "Darrell Orwig’s Road" at the Maui News

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